A woman was given a set of Foodshare bags. She burst out crying. When asked why she was crying ,she said "I can feed my children tonight".

We received a donation to the charity. A disabled woman had received too much disability payment. She tried to give it back to the government, but they would not take. She felt she was not entitled to the money, and she wanted someone to have it who needed it more than she did.

A homeless lady told me about a homeless man who was talking with me, who was given £10 by a passer by. He gave £5 to the homeless lady because she was hungry.

A man came to help us sort food. He was a social worker from Poland who had been given a job in Maidenhead. He was waiting for a CRB check. It took over three months to come through. He had no income and no food during the period. He came to help us at Foodshare because he did not want anyone else to suffer like he was made to suffer.

A mother who we help used to eat every other day, because if she ate every day, she would not have enough food to give her children.

A grandmother came to us to ask for food for her daughter and grandchildren. She had no money to give them. The daughter did everything possible to feed the kids, but was starving to death because she did not have enough food for herself. She did not come to us for help directly because she felt too humiliated at having failed her children.

A doctor comes to the Homeless Meals to help most weeks, giving his time freely. He knows that many of our guests will not listen to his advice to stop drinking. But he comes anyway, for the occasions where his help is needed. It was very comforting to everyone that he was around one week when one of our guests started coughing blood.

We were delivering toys to a shelter for women fleeing domestic violence. One of the bags had a bow and arrow bulging out. For their protection, the kids are always kept out of sight. But this time, a five year old boy burst out unable to contain himself, literally jumping with excitement. It had not been safe for him or his mother to leave the building to play with other kids his age since he had arrived four weeks ago.

One organisation started to help us when a particular member of their staff was celebrating her 18th birthday. They had got her a card and she started crying. She had been in care and had never had a birthday card before in her life. They became aware how tough life can be for some people in society, and wanted to do something to help.