Harvest thanksgiving donations

Over the past weeks Foodshare has been fortunate to receive many harvest thanksgiving donations from schools and churches.   Some large, some small, but they all show the great goodwill that abounds in Maidenhead.  It’s this generosity that enables the charity to help people on the scale it does.

For generosity and compassion, especially towards the homeless,  some children from Furze Platt Junior School put it best.   Their tremendous collection of food included items of practical help for the street homeless  –  gloves, hats, socks, sleeping bags  –  and some heartfelt letters from Year 4 children to anyone on the streets.

Here are just a few extracts….

“Dear Reader,    I hope this is okay that I’m sending you a letter.  We’ve been reading a book called Way Home about a boy called Shane who lived on the streets.  I hope you are doing ok ?….   Now winter is coming is there anything you need ?  Let Foodshare know and they will contact our school.  Way Home has changed my feeling about the homeless.     From a caring student at Furze Platt.”

“In winter all the students at Furze Platt Junior School will be praying that you will be all right with food and warm dinners.”

“I am writing this because all Furze Platt want to help you and give you all the stuff you need.  I can picture you now and I want to give you all my stuff you would want.  We have been reading a booked called Way Home… so I realised I should help people out there.    From a kind-hearted student at Furze Platt.”

Kind-hearted and caring indeed !  Thanks to everyone who contributed for their donations and support.

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