Helping the homeless

Would you like to help the homeless in Maidenhead and have been wondering what items to donate? Here’s everything listed you will need to create a care package, survival kit, or blessing bag. They can be donated to a number of charities in and around Maidenhead who help rough sleepers.
Maidenhead Foodshare provides snacks and hot drinks for rough sleepers during our opening times. Saturday 9-11am and Wednesday 6pm – 7pm.
If you would like to help us fill their bags this December please see the list below.  

UHT Milk – full fat ; Ring pull tin Hot Dogs; Ring pull tin Rice Pudding; Ring pull tin Spaghetti & Sausages (mix); Ring pull tin Beans & Sausages or Big Breakfast;  Pot Noodles; Peanut Butter; Small bags of crisps; Soft drink – Juice/Cans; Cereal bars; Chocolate bars; Sweets; Chewable vitamins; Deodorant; Plasters; Socks, Gloves; Wet Wipes; Lip balm/Chapstick

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